Fyerool Darma

b. 1987, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Fyerool Darma’s objects and material experimentations are based on an extensive visual vocabulary drawn from popular culture, literature, the archives, the Internet and the artist’s own life.

He has recently become one of the most sought-after artists working in Southeast Asia. Beginning with his breakout solo exhibition ‘Moyang’ at Singapore’s Flaneur Gallery, he went on to become one of the youngest artists in the 2016 Singapore Biennale. His multidisciplinary works speak of forgotten histories and often utilise archives as research material or as sites of contestation.

Fyerool’s dissected canvases in ‘Moyang’ attempt to ‘resurrect’ historical figures such as the Javanese 19th-century painter Raden Saleh, and Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the British statesman often credited with the founding of modern Singapore, striking a chord with regional art audiences. Since then, Fyerool has continued surfacing overlooked aspects of Singapore’s history in various exhibitions, touching on subjects relating to anthropology, colonialism and mythology. At the same time, his ‘excavations’ have also seen him going beyond painting by incorporating sculpture, performance and soon, installation works.

Country: Singapore