Fasang Navaraan

b. 1967, Thailand
Lives and works in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Fasang Navaaran studied Painting and Architecture at the College of Technology and Vocational Education in Thailand. Navaaran works in mixed media, painting and installation to create abstract works. Finding beauty in simplicity, the combination of colours, lines, and forms is the essence within his work. The sincerity of his paintings are revealed by the display of the materials’ natural substances. Often, found objects and colour hues are constructed and arranged into geometric forms. The appeal of his work is not in its order but in its harmonious composition.

Navaaran has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Thailand and abroad which include; ‘Message’ at Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok (2021); ‘Form and Intent’ at Abstract-project, Paris (2019); ‘painting*installations*objects’ at Gallery Kierat, Szczecin, Poland (2017); ‘Are Different’ at Marsi Gallery, Bangkok (2013) and Biennale Internationale d’Art Non-Objectif, France (2013); ‘A moveable model’ at Hof Art and Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC)(2011); ‘Appropriate’ at H Gallery, Bangkok (2008); ‘Swirling, Gusty Wind’ at Gallery 55, Bangkok (2005) and ARTSingapore (2002); and ‘Stream of Survival I’ at Gallery 55, Bangkok (1999).

Biography information from Richard Koh Fine Art, February 2023

Country: Thailand
Social Media: @untitled_factory