Evi Pangestu

b. 1992, Indonesia
Lives and works in London, UK

Evi Pangestu explores the idea of rebellion and control through the medium of painting. She challenges the conventions of painting by manipulating its fundamental building blocks: canvas, paint and support. The resulting works are minimal in form but maximal in their visual impact.

This trajectory in Evi’s practice was refined during her studies at the Royal College of Art in London from 2017 to 2019. That was the time when she zeroed in on the square form and adopted neon yellow as a signature colour in her paintings. Indeed, Evi’s earlier investigations featured other colours and graphic painted elements as seen in ‘Fluorescent Red Square on Red’ (2017) and ‘Layer of Magenta’ (2018). The artist described the decision to limit her palette as “a necessary move that helped her focus on her concepts”.

Biography information from Art and Market, March 2023

Country: Indonesia
Social Media: @evipangestu