Duong Thuy Duong

b. 1979, Hanoi, Vietnam
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Being known for her abstract self-portraits, Duong Thuy Duong amazes the audience with “confusing” lines arranged deliberately in a realistic dark space. With the style of “non-self portrait painting”, Duong firstly expresses her feeling and experience in artworks and then engages the audience into the talk to find their ego and question themselves with the unanswered questions.

“Artists are like children – always busy to describe something and no matter what they describe, their work shows well the marks they leave. An artist’s awareness is in harmony with his or her personal observation and both find expression in his or her own style rendering the artwork.”

“We have art in order not to die from the truth,” said Nietzsche.

Duong’s art seems to become a confident play of painting and her own private stories. It takes a new form, asking the spectators to get acquainted and build a personal relationship with it first. They will not find it from merely understanding the titles, but only when they “look at her art in a manner of meditation”, it could carry them far out into an unreachable world, to the boundless universe, and then take them back to their own private inner worlds.

All of her paintings are speaking of human beings, of their existence, and their dim future.

Biography information from www.duongthuyduong.com, September 2022

Country: Vietnam