Denver Garza

b. 1987, Philippines
Lives and works in Bacoor, Philippines

Denver Garza is a Bacoor-based artist whose academic background is centered on psychology. He has been active in the art scene since 2015, and has produced various artworks on different media such as assemblage, collage, installation, painting, and performance.

His background in psychology reflects his art style and philosophy. The physical playfulness of interwoven paintings, fabrics, and other materials represents the process of exploration and reconstruction within the concept of identity, coping mechanism, and belief system that is often interlaced with rational and emotional responses to psychosocial challenges. Art that seeks to be as intricate as the human mind. His solo exhibitions usually tackle various significant topics such as: societal expectations on different age groups for ‘Birthday Beliefs’ in 2017; awareness as catalyst to change for ‘Keys to Eclipse’ in 2019; familial dynamics for ‘Default Paradise’ in 2019, and exploration of defences and vulnerability through personal encounters for ‘Arena’ in 2019.

Aside from exhibitions, he is also interested in creating zines that serve as micro exhibitions, mostly collections of drawings, paintings, photos, and poetry that he shares with the zine community. Passionate about sharing art and psychology, Garza conducts drawing workshops based on art therapy practice as a form of introduction to mind-body association and increases awareness among participants.

Biography information from, April 2022

Country: Philippines