AMIEN (Damien Soh)

b. 1988, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Damien Soh, more popularly known as AMIEN, is a visual artist. His artworks are distinct with their dream-like quality and touches of surrealism, giving birth to a fantasy universe filled with characters both familiar and unknown.

AMIEN’s creations stem from an alternate reality existing within his mind, built upon his experience growing up in Singapore– a city both highly modern yet filled with traditional and oriental influences. Preferring to draw from his subconscious instead of pictorial references, he begins his paintings by blobbing abstractions of colour, making use of pareidolia to perceive patterns before refining them. His obsessive technicality arose from his years of teaching and practising in both traditional and digital mediums.

With a specialty in conceptualising new worlds and portraiture, AMIEN’s portfolio has seen a focus on digital paintings in recent years. He has also dabbled in alternative forms of presentation, such as a triptych printed on skateboards commissioned by Wise Singapore. In 2018, he received widespread recognition for the conceptualization and execution of a short animation feature titled ‘Pagoda of Peril’ for Universal Studios Singapore as the Lead Illustrator.

Country: Singapore
Social Media: amien_co