Channatip Chanvipava

b. 1993, Bangkok, Thailand
Lives and works in London, UK

Through a visual language of abstraction, Channatip Chanvipava’s works speak to fundamental questions of diaspora identity and the limits of linguistic articulation. His practice originally derives from a desire to find a means of necessary expression when intergenerational and cross-cultural dialogues are difficult or impossible. Channatip’s paintings offer snapshots of emotional or psychological states; they are meditations on the divergence of the past and how he recalls them now.

His canvases are populated with bold brushstrokes suggestive of bodies and gestures, capturing a sense of motion that evokes a new expression. Vertical lines activate the works suggesting the pillars of stability at the heart of the artist’s practice, expressing a desire to find a sense of grounding.

Biography information courtesy of the artist, August 2023

Country: Thailand
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