Cemeti Institute for Art and Society

Founded 1988, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Cemeti Institute for Art & Society was founded by Dutch-born Mella Jaarsma and her Javanese partner Ninditiyo Adipurnomo who emerged in 1988 as a couple whose idealism for the arts has responded to the changing needs of the time, shaping the emergence of a new generation of artists.

Cemeti became a trusted place for contemporary works and an important source for those needing information on art and artists in Indonesia, particularly in Yogyakarta and beyond. Later, Cemeti, whose name is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “whip” or “whipping; provided exchange residencies to improve artistic development and curatorial support for young aspiring curators, and moved to a larger building, changing the name from Cemeti Gallery for Contemporary Art to Cemeti Art House. The gallery later became the Cemeti Institute for Art & Society, whose work emphasises not so much art development, but rather research and social practice, prioritising collaborative ways of working. This is critically evident in the changing signboard and logo and the change of management, which is now entirely in the hands and decision-making of a younger generation.

Biography information by Carla Bianpoen from “SEA: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia”, January 2023

Country: Indonesia
Social Media: @cemeti.institute