Andres Barrioquinto

b. 1975, Manila, Philippines
Lives and works in Manila, Philippines

Andres Barrioquinto graduated from the College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the Philippines in 2000. Barrioquinto’s works have been collected by important institutions such as the Singapore Art Museum.

In more recent years, Barrioquinto’s works have developed a distinctive style of surreal and hyperrealistic portraits. With fine strokes in acrylic and oil, the artist renders recognizable faces in subdued tones. The dark tone in his old style still creeps into his newer works, although masked by the calmness of flowers, birds, butterflies, and traditional patterns belonging to Japanese culture – specifically ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock prints from the Edo period.

Barrioquinto’s exquisite image overlaying, patterning, and image appropriation from various Asian cultures create dynamic juxtapositions and open up numerous possibilities of interpretation, earning him both critical and commercial attention, locally and abroad.

Biography information from Tang Contemporary, February 2023

Country: Philippines
Social Media: @andresbarrioquinto