Alya Hatta

b. 1999, Malaysia
Lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and London, UK

Alya Hatta is an interdisciplinary artist based between London and Kuala Lumpur. Drawing on personal experiences and memories, Hatta uses the dynamism of colour, form, sound and space to explore the realm of digital and physical in representing her Southeast Asian identity, and to portray the colourful intimacies of the diasporic human condition.

Hatta also delves into the complexities of the ‘individual’, using introspective devices in self- confessional artwork, focusing on the mysticism behind relationships and drawing on the mundanity of present everyday life and culture. Often inspired by the iconography of the Renaissance throughout her work, the artist is drawn towards objects and people in a manner that emphasises the importance of artefact and storytelling. These stories gravitate around ideas of imperfect memory and the intimacy behind familial and interpersonal relations. In an attempt to situate her work in the age of contemporary art, Hatta investigates the history of artmaking and visual culture, primarily through subverting the traditional academy processes of creating. This can be seen in her disregard towards drawing, form and perspective as well as her continuous investigation into integrating traditional and digital mediums.

Biography information from, October 2022

Country: Malaysia
Social Media: @alyahatta