Alvin Lau

b. 1994, Malaysia
Lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Alvin Lau briefly studied Business Administration in Sunway University, Malaysia before dropping out to pursue a career in photography. Alvin first became seriously interested in photography to combine his various interests, including walking, cycling, and narrative storytelling. In his walks and bike rides around Sentul, where he grew up, and around Kuala Lumpur, he honed a particular eye for interpreting the unceasing development around him.

His photographs create a different version of reality. It is slightly detached, slightly too cool-toned for near-the-equator light, and highly idealised. In this sense, Alvin’s photographic practice is not dissimilar to writing creative non-fiction. Accumulated, his photographs set a foundation of context, creating a gateway into the world through his eyes. The photograph, like a piece of infrastructure, is a way to get from one place to another.

Alvin has participated in a photography masterclass with celebrated US photographer Maggie Steber at OBSCURA Festival in 2015. He subsequently was selected to represent Malaysia at the Southeast Asian Masterclass, a programme backed by Goethe-Institut Malaysia, Ostkreuz Photographers’ Agency, Berlin and OBSCURA Festival. He has also won the Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards, Asia Photographer of the Year 2015, as well as the IPA Photography Scholarship 2017. As of recently, his work is being showcased at Jeonju International Photo Festival, Landskrona Photo Festival, and Ilham Gallery.

Biography information from Art & Market, March 2023

Country: Malaysia
Social Media: @alvinlaukb