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AWDB Spotlight: Interview with curator Jenn Ellis

AWDB speaks with Jenn Ellis, curator and founder of Apsara Studio and co-founder of the virtual gallery, AORA Space. Having conceptualised and presented numerous collaborative art projects throughout the past decade at the intersection of art, space, and context, she often stages her projects in unusual venues, enhancing the viewer experience and harmonising the artworks with the environment.

AWDB Spotlight: Interview with curator Haeju Kim

AWDB speaks with Haeju Kim, a senior curator at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), and the curator for this year’s Singapore Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale. Kim will present the exhibition of artist Robert Zhao, titled ‘Seeing Forest’, exploring the ecology of regrown greenery in land deforested and built over by humans. The artworks reference the various layers of life, from nature taking its course, to human intervention, coexisting together in a unique environment.

AWDB Spotlight: Interview with artist Tuan Vu

AWDB speaks with Kawita Vatanajyankur, a Thai artist known for using her body as part of her artworks and site-specific installations. Addressing themes of feminism, oppression and labour, she pushes her body to the limit to represent the resilience of women.

AWDB Spotlight: Interview with artist Nino Sarabutra

AWDB speaks to Nino Sarabutra, an artist from Thailand known for her ceramic works that explore themes of self, human emotions, and physical sensations such as taste. Having worked on her craft for over ten years, her practice ranges from tableware and functional household items to expansive art installations.